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*System Fully Charged. Start up initiated. Good Morning Rabbit*

Rabbit slowly opened his eyes, letting them focus in the dim light. Had he been outside all night? No. He was in a bed. A room with a ceiling. How did he get inside? Who pulled him-

"Spine!" He gasped sitting straight up and stretching his arms outward. No, somehow in the night he was moved. His grasp was empty. And he was under a blanket? He swung his legs over the side of the canopy bed, still very confused with the whole situation. This room was not familiar, nice, but not familiar. The wooden floor was very worn down, a vanity in one corner with a small pink lamp. This was obviously a girls room, and a well used one.

He scanned the frequencies to see if he could pick up any Intel, but no response besides a couple of smart T.V.s and a DVD burner that was really really into him. Cautiously he opened the bedroom door and peaked out into the hallway. He could hear talking in the distance, maybe two floors down. It was a small house, at least smaller than home. To be safe he checked the other rooms on the floor. A bathroom, and two bedrooms. The bedrooms were lined with dust, obviously not in use for years. Whose house was this?

"You're online." A voice called out behind him, the person putting an arm on his shoulder. Rabbit spun at the hips, pulling one fist behind his back and his other hand quickly gripped on the neck of his attacker. It was a woman, maybe in her mid 20's with medium length brown hair. Her face was dirty and her jeans and t-shirt were covered in oil."ack! Wait-"

"Rabbit Stop she's cool!"

That voice! Rabbit released his grip and his face lit up, dropping her to the ground. He dashed past her, not even wasting time to apologize as he ran towards the voice. "Micheal?" He called out, turning the corner at the bottom of the stairs into a kitchen. Sitting at a small table was Mr. Reed. He looked terrible, but he was there and alive. "You're okay!" Rabbit cheered as he ran to his friend, wrapping his arms around his waist and lifting him off the ground in a tight hug.

"Calm down. I don't want to break my other arm here..." Micheal chuckled as Rabbit gently set him back down on the ground. His injuries were obvious. A black eye, a broken arm in a cast and a sling. Still after a run in with a rogue robot he was lucky to be alive. "I'm glad you're okay too."

The woman scoffed as she entered the kitchen, rubbing her neck. It was red, but not bruised. "And what about me? You're friend here nearly choked me to death in the hallway and you're concerned for HIS safety? I thought we had another monster on our hands."

"I take offense to that lady." Rabbit growled back. Its not like it was untrue, but who was she to know the type of robot Spine was? He wasn't a monster! Was. That term. Was. He was a great robot.

The realization of using past tense to refer to spine suddenly hit Rabbit hard, almost knocking the breath out of him. He groped for a kitchen chair and plopped in the seat. "... spine..." His voice soft, almost inaudible.

Micheal gave Rabbit a gentle frown, raising his good hand and patting Rabbit's shoulder. "I know buddy." It was heartbreaking news to give, but letting Rabbits imagination fill in the gaps would be even more cruel. "You think you're ready for me to bring you up to date?"

"I know the date. June 17th." Rabbit responded unfazed.

"That's not what I meant. I meant-"

"I want to know what happened." Rabbit stared deeply into Micheal's eyes, knowing that the only person that could give him answers to what happened yesterday was him. "Why did he do this? What changed him? Where's Jon? How did I get here?"

"Alright. Calm down. I'll answer what I can. Holly and I will take you to the basement." Micheal stood, taking his time.

Standing behind Rabbit, Holly growled. "You sure he won't flip out?" Micheal walked up to her and they began to talk in hushed whispers. As if hiding something from Rabbit. "I don't want that happening in my lab. You understand me right?"

"Holly will you just let me do this." Micheal growled, no longer trying to keep his conversation private. "I trust him, okay? You wanna talk to me, you gotta talk to both of us alright?"

"That's what you say. But you don't even know. I said I'd help, but I'm not putting myself in danger for your little robot friends." She huffed, crossing her arms and storming back up the stairs.

Micheal sighed and scratched over his cast. On top of everything else, "argh this thing itches like hell!"
{{Rabbit wakes after the events of the previous night. Coming to the harsh realization that his brother may be gone... for good. Is there any hope? Why did this have to happen?}}

Song: Corynorhinus
Album: Batman Begins
Artist: Hans Zimmer

Previous Chapter 1: It Starts

Next Chapter 3: 98.9%

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